Selling A Setting

As a travel copywriter, I can help bring people to your corner of the world.

Maybe that corner is a vacation rental property. Maybe it's a restaurant serving up local cuisine. Maybe it’s a gem of a neighborhood, town, or city, just waiting to be uncovered. In all cases, the travel industry has a particular challenge (and, really, an advantage): rather than selling a product, we're selling a setting for a new memory. Make your setting stand out with a travel copywriter who knows what pulls people toward the places they live in and visit!

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About Me

I'm Jessica, a freelance travel copywriter from the Rust-Belt-darling city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After teaching college writing for a few years, I decided to leave academia behind in 2012 and focus full-time on travel copywriting, merging my love of writing with my love of great places.

Many of my clients are in the vacation rental industry, and I've helped property owners and managers around the world market their spaces and boost their bookings with sharp, targeted property descriptions and headlines for sites like HomeAway and FlipKey. I also write SEO-friendly blogs, and consult for general marketing strategy.

I also have an MFA in creative writing, and I write a lot of fiction and non-fiction about the place I know and love best: southwestern Pennsylvania.